Reusable Shopping Bags Breakout on Google Search Engines

I attended an internet marketing class last week.  There I learned a few sites to check search engine keywords and results.  One site had specific information by year and region.  I decided to check searches for reusable shopping bags from 2004 until present.  It shows on a graph.  The line was flat from 2004 until late 2007 and then it soared.  Searches for reusable shopping bags went from 0 to 10,000 a month in the last year.  I thinkthat’s great.  It’s like instant awareness.  Collective consciousness alive and well.  I continue to hope that people make wise choices when choosing reusable shopping bags.  There are many good ones out there.  Ecobags seem to be making good choices about how their bags are manufactured.   But of course I’m still prone to favoring our very own kozy karma reusable shopping bag. Be sure to have a look at ours at

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