Corporate Honesty

I have been working on a reusable shopping bag for the last couple of months. During this process I have done lots of research on plastic bags and also on the replacement of those with reusable ones. It’s amazing at how the vast majority of companies out there are replacing
disposable plastic with reusable plastic. And also with all this talk of fair trade, how many companies are producing these reusable plastic bags in China which has the poorest human rights rating in the world. It does seem that old habits are hard to break. I have realized how difficult it is to make a 100% green product. Those who claim to really need to take a close look at themselves. I’ve noticed even those making reusable plastic bags and manufacturing in China are making some pretty outrageous claims as to how “green” they are and how “fair trade” they are. I’m using only cottage industry and cotton for my bags. However, at this time it is not organic cotton as price is a factor. I realize my limitations. We can only try our best to do all
we do with integrity and honesty. I wish some of the bigger corporations would try a little harder to be realistic and honest about their manufacturing processes.

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