Choosing Reusable Shopping Bags Wisely

I recently read an interesting post from the Wall Street Journal
by Ellen Gamerman called “An Inconvenient Bag”

Below is an excerpt from this post.

The green giveaway of the moment — the reusable shopping bag — is a case study in how tricky it is to make products environmentally friendly.
It’s manufactured in China, shipped thousands of miles overseas, made with plastic and could take years to decompose. It’s also the hot “green” giveaway of the moment: the reusable shopping bag.The bags usually are printed with environmental slogans as well as corporate logos and pitched as earth-friendly substitutes for the billions of disposable plastic bags that wind up in landfills every year.”

This article goes on to state that actually these bags create a much larger problem, as they are free so usually still end up in the landfill where they actually take longer to decompose than the regular disposable bags. In my opinion it is another clear example where large corporations take a good idea and turn it into a nightmare. What they do is tout themselves as doing something good and green while serving up cheap advertising, customer loyalty (people hesitate to shop at Wal-Mart with their Publix shopping bag), and still promoting mass produced in China products. I recently had a friend compare my bags to the .99 cent ones she bought at one of her favorite corporate stores which flanked their logo. She seemed surprised that I was not offering my bags up for retail at a similar price even though, she knows I am a small business using cottage industry, employing local artists, and practicing fair trade.
I really want to encourage people to think about what it means when you buy a .99 cent shopping bag displaying a corporate logo. Using reusable shopping bags is a great step in aiding the environment but lets take it one step further and think about where they are produced, how they are produced and by what materials.

There are a lot of great reusable shopping bags out there by small businesses for under 15.00.
Mine are unique and can be found at There are also sites under names like eco bags, eco sak and many others to choose from.

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