Reusable Shopping Bags Breakout on Google Search Engines

I attended an internet marketing class last week.  There I learned a few sites to check search engine keywords and results.  One site had specific information by year and region.  I decided to check searches for reusable shopping bags from 2004 until present.  It shows on a graph.  The line was flat from 2004 until […]

Not Just A Reusable Shopping Bag

I know there are dozens, if not hundreds of reusable shopping bags on the market. Why, you think should I buy this one. A couple of things makes this one different. I think the main difference is that this isn’t really just a reusable shopping bag. This is something you throw in your purse and […]

Choosing Reusable Shopping Bags Wisely

I recently read an interesting post from the Wall Street Journal by Ellen Gamerman called “An Inconvenient Bag” Below is an excerpt from this post. “The green giveaway of the moment — the reusable shopping bag — is a case study in how tricky it is to make products environmentally friendly. It’s manufactured in China, […]


I really want to explain the difference between my shopping bag and others on the market.My shopping bag isn’t really designed for those large weekly shops, although a few of them can certainly do the trick as they are the same size as all the others out there. My theory is that change is difficult, […]

Corporate Honesty

I have been working on a reusable shopping bag for the last couple of months. During this process I have done lots of research on plastic bags and also on the replacement of those with reusable ones. It’s amazing at how the vast majority of companies out there are replacing disposable plastic with reusable plastic. […]

Kozy Karma Green News

This blog will keep you posted on our new products and we will also look for interesting information about things people are doing to move forward in a “green” direction and how we are all working together to create a healthier earth.

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