Reusable Shopping Bags Breakout on Google Search Engines

I attended an internet marketing class last week.  There I learned a few sites to check search engine keywords and results.  One site had specific information by year and region.  I decided to check searches for reusable shopping bags from 2004 until present.  It shows on a graph.  The line was flat from 2004 until late 2007 and then it soared.  Searches for reusable shopping bags went from 0 to 10,000 a month in the last year.  I thinkthat’s great.  It’s like instant awareness.  Collective consciousness alive and well.  I continue to hope that people make wise choices when choosing reusable shopping bags.  There are many good ones out there.  Ecobags seem to be making good choices about how their bags are manufactured.   But of course I’m still prone to favoring our very own kozy karma reusable shopping bag. Be sure to have a look at ours at

Not Just A Reusable Shopping Bag

I know there are dozens, if not hundreds of reusable shopping bags on the market. Why, you think should I buy this one. A couple of things makes this one different.

I think the main difference is that this isn’t really just a reusable shopping bag. This is something you throw in your purse and then find how amazed you are at how many times it comes in handy.

So, let me count the ways………You make an unexpected stop at the market, the pharmacy, the corner convenience store……you have it in your purse…
You go to the local library and really stock up……how nice to have it to put all the books and dvds in………You unexpectedly pull into an art or craft fair and make a couple of purchases….voila, your kozy karma bag is in your purse…….
my cousin uses it to put her jacket or sweater in that she wore to school when she wants to take it off and not carry it……….you go to a trade show and don’t want to take all the heavy plastic bags they give out…..pull it out to store your informational materials……..You’re going on a trip and may need an extra bag…’s so easy……There are so many ways to use this bag……..Just put in your purse and let us know how you find it useful….

Choosing Reusable Shopping Bags Wisely

I recently read an interesting post from the Wall Street Journal
by Ellen Gamerman called “An Inconvenient Bag”

Below is an excerpt from this post.

The green giveaway of the moment — the reusable shopping bag — is a case study in how tricky it is to make products environmentally friendly.
It’s manufactured in China, shipped thousands of miles overseas, made with plastic and could take years to decompose. It’s also the hot “green” giveaway of the moment: the reusable shopping bag.The bags usually are printed with environmental slogans as well as corporate logos and pitched as earth-friendly substitutes for the billions of disposable plastic bags that wind up in landfills every year.”

This article goes on to state that actually these bags create a much larger problem, as they are free so usually still end up in the landfill where they actually take longer to decompose than the regular disposable bags. In my opinion it is another clear example where large corporations take a good idea and turn it into a nightmare. What they do is tout themselves as doing something good and green while serving up cheap advertising, customer loyalty (people hesitate to shop at Wal-Mart with their Publix shopping bag), and still promoting mass produced in China products. I recently had a friend compare my bags to the .99 cent ones she bought at one of her favorite corporate stores which flanked their logo. She seemed surprised that I was not offering my bags up for retail at a similar price even though, she knows I am a small business using cottage industry, employing local artists, and practicing fair trade.
I really want to encourage people to think about what it means when you buy a .99 cent shopping bag displaying a corporate logo. Using reusable shopping bags is a great step in aiding the environment but lets take it one step further and think about where they are produced, how they are produced and by what materials.

There are a lot of great reusable shopping bags out there by small businesses for under 15.00.
Mine are unique and can be found at There are also sites under names like eco bags, eco sak and many others to choose from.


I really want to explain the difference between my shopping bag and others on the market.My shopping bag isn’t really designed for those large weekly shops, although a few of them can certainly do the trick as they are the same size as all the others out there.

My theory is that change is difficult, so start slow and painless. That’s why this shopping bag zips up into itself into a wallet size pouch. You merely keep this in your purse all the time. So, voila, every time you make an impromptu stop in the market for a couple of items, in the convenience store, in the pharmacy, the book store, anywhere you drop in on the spur of the moment, you have this bag with you.

How many times a week do you make a spur of the moment stop? How many times to you go in the store and realize your shopping bags are on the floorboard of the van or car? This is just a easy fix and feels so great at the checkout counter when you actually have your shopping bag in your purse. Buy one and give it a try. I know you’ll be glad you did.
Just go to to have a look at all our different designs.

Corporate Honesty

I have been working on a reusable shopping bag for the last couple of months. During this process I have done lots of research on plastic bags and also on the replacement of those with reusable ones. It’s amazing at how the vast majority of companies out there are replacing
disposable plastic with reusable plastic. And also with all this talk of fair trade, how many companies are producing these reusable plastic bags in China which has the poorest human rights rating in the world. It does seem that old habits are hard to break. I have realized how difficult it is to make a 100% green product. Those who claim to really need to take a close look at themselves. I’ve noticed even those making reusable plastic bags and manufacturing in China are making some pretty outrageous claims as to how “green” they are and how “fair trade” they are. I’m using only cottage industry and cotton for my bags. However, at this time it is not organic cotton as price is a factor. I realize my limitations. We can only try our best to do all
we do with integrity and honesty. I wish some of the bigger corporations would try a little harder to be realistic and honest about their manufacturing processes.

Kozy Karma Green News

This blog will keep you posted on our new products and we will also look for interesting information about things people are doing to move forward in a “green” direction and how we are all working together to create a healthier earth.

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